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My employer requires us to make exact change

I’m a server at an upscale restaurant chain. Our change policy has always been to round to the nearest dollar. Recently, I was told we would now be expected to give customers exact change—down to the penny—to those paying with cash. I find this to be both unnecessary and annoying. Am I right to feel this way? To my knowledge no one ever complained about the old policy. – Name withheld I know a few people who work in the restaurant business, so I decided to outsource my response to this question. Here’s some of the feedback I got: Here’s what happened: Out of the many thousands of people your restaurant chain serves every day, one cheapskate complained once about not getting exact change back. And so management, instead of ignoring it—like they should have—came up with

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I’m in over my head

I work in the marketing department of a small company, and was recently promoted to manager. My old job has since been filled, and this

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