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My workplace has become a kennel

I work in a small office with five other people. A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues started bringing her dog to the office. She recently separated from a long-time partner, and probably can’t afford a dog sitter/walker right now – not to mention the comfort it undoubtedly provides in this difficult time for her. The dog is well behaved for the most part, if not a little “affectionate.” Last Friday, someone else in our team brought their dog in too: a small energetic terrier. Our boss tends to take a hands off approach to anything not strictly work-related, and seems to have decided to stay silent on the issue. I, on the other hand, find it all very distracting. The reception area feels like a kennel, complete with water bowls, pet beds, and two dogs

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My PAs keep quitting

I’m the editor-in-chief of a highly respected, and internationally renowned fashion magazine. It’s a cutthroat industry – and I have a reputation for being very,

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