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My manager listens to idiots

I’m a senior scientist working in research and development in a very technical field (it’s not rocket science, but it’s close). I’m struggling because I have a manager who’s a big fan of “consensus decision-making”. He likes to hear from everyone on the team before making any big calls – like which projects to move forward on, and which to kill. That sounds great and all, but I’m not convinced it’s for the best. We need strong leadership, in my opinion; someone willing to take a stand and stick to their guns. But if we are all going get a say, I think my vote should count for more given my seniority, advanced degree, and experience. I mean, some of my coworkers aren’t even scientists, and they still get to weigh in! So far the approach hasn’t

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“To snitch or not to snitch”

This week something different: Meta-advice. This is advice I have for a fellow advice-giver who, like me, responds to readers’ questions about their jobs, management,

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The break room is a mess

I’m a shift manager at a call center. Recently, our usually tidy break room has become a disgusting mess, and it needs to stop. Dirty

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