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My new hire is terrible, but he interviewed so well

I’m a manager at a company that develops video games. Recently, I hired someone for a senior programming position, and boy is he awful. He looked good on paper, though. Experienced (although admittedly in more junior roles) – and maybe not as much coding background as I would have liked. But his references all checked out. What really sold me was his in-person interviews. Extremely confident, of both his technical abilities and his capacity to handle the demands of a senior level position. Basically he exhibited the sort of “can-do” attitude that I find to be lacking in so many other candidates. I wish I could bottle it! I even stopped my search after meeting with him for the first time, that’s how sure I was.      Well, was I ever wrong. He struggles with the

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My PAs keep quitting

I’m the editor-in-chief of a highly respected, and internationally renowned fashion magazine. It’s a cutthroat industry – and I have a reputation for being very,

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