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OPINION: Throw out that management advice book (Part 3)

A few weeks ago, I re-posted a two-part opinion piece in which I criticized management advice books, a genre of the self-help literature that occupies whole shelves at most brick-and-mortar bookstores. These texts just aren’t worth the time you might spend reading one, I argued. Yet as I also acknowledged, what they set out to do isn’t as easy as it sounds. Coming up with useful advice a manager might actually put into practice is next to impossible – or at least based on how most writers today approach the subject. And to drive this point home, I put out the call to you, dear reader, to see if you could do any better. What is it, I asked, that “good” managers do—or do well—that makes them so good? So this week, a post based on your

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The work needs to get done

I’m a mid-level manager who works in a time-sensitive, and relatively intense work environment. While I’m a fan of employee empowerment and do my best

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Bad news, good news…

Hey regular readers of “the subordinate is IN”… Just a head’s up that I’ll be taking a break from posting for the month of August.

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Lean In (2013, Knopf) by Sheryl Sandberg stands out. And not because it’s one of the few memoir-style, business/management advice books written by a woman.[1]

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