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My manager asks the impossible

I work for a publishing company. A few days ago, my manager asked me to prepare some mock-ups of the jacket for a book we’re working on. That’s something I don’t usually do, nor do I have the best software for it (and I was also really busy). When I said it would probably take me 2-3 hours to complete, he seemed genuinely shocked. He thought I could have it ready it for him in 30 minutes or so! My guess is that he was hoping to get it in time for a meeting he was about attend – but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some gas-lighting going on too. It’s not the first time my boss has made this sort of unreasonable request – nor the first time I’ve had to push back. Is

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The lazy shouldn’t unionize

I just moved into a new condominium complex—it’s a co-op—and so far I’ve been really disappointed with the staff’s work ethic. The receptionist/concierge spends most

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My employees are ingrates

I’m an assistant manager at a high-end restaurant in a major metropolitan city. I love my job…except for the long hours, needy customers, and potential

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My manager listens to idiots

I’m a senior scientist working in research and development in a very technical field (it’s not rocket science, but it’s close). I’m struggling because I

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