About the subordinate


Like most people, I’ve spent most of my career working for someone else. 

Or, more specifically, I have been in the employ of some sort of for-profit business organization, usually reporting to someone holding the title of ‘director’, ‘supervisor’, or ‘manager’ – what most people would refer to as a  ‘boss.’ 

This ‘bottom-up’ perspective very much informs my insights on jobs, work, and business management.

I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of management’s misguided practices, polices, and protocols, as opposed to the one signing off on them. I’ve seen organizational dysfunction up close, and looked on in frustration as the mediocre parts (and people) of a business dragged it down over time, as opposed its better parts lifting it up. I too have been discouraged by what appear to be the easily avoidable organizational failings caused by poor management practices. And I’ve wondered why what’s so obvious to those of us at the bottom of the organizational pile seems so difficult to see by those perched at the top.

Finally, I cannot claim to have any formal training in the management sciences. I do not have an MBA, nor have I been to business school. Any expertise I have in business theory, management theory, organizational science, and economics is the result on-the-job experience, self-study, and…well, just paying attention.