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What is management by loerarchy®?


Loerarchy is the opposite of hierarchy. So if a hierarchy looks like this…


…a loerarchy (pronounced ‘LO-er-AR-kee’, rhymes with hierarchy) looks like this:


Simply put, management by loerarchy® means treating employees as if they are in charge of you, not the other way around. According to management by loerarchy®, employees are ‘the boss’, in other words. Managers should therefore subordinate themselves to those they manage, if they want to be truly effective. 


Why management by loerarchy®?

Any business that embraces management by loerarchy stands will benefit in a variety of ways.

First and foremost, that organization will be more competitive, and therefore more profitable than businesses which continue to rely on more traditional, command and control-style management practices.

Businesses that adopt management by loerarchy will also find their employees to be…

  •      More motivated
  •      More productive
  •      More creative
  •      More flexible
  •      More willing to take the initiative
  •      More willing to accept responsibility
  •      More appreciative of their managers, and management’s efforts


…and easier to manage.

Furthermore, loerarchically managed businesses are better able to…

  •      Attract top candidates
  •      Retain high performers
  •      Anticipate/react to market faster, and more effectively than competitors
  •      Maximize workforce productivity


And then finally, any business or workgroup that opts for management by loerarchy will be more…

  •      Efficient
  •      Innovative
  •      Agile
  •      Reliable
  •      Competitive



What management by loerarchy® means for managers

For managers, management by loerarchy means acting as if your employees are the boss of you, as opposed to the other way around.

Subordinate yourself to your employees, in other words. Behave as if your employees are your customers. Your job function is not to direct, control, or otherwise tell your employees what to do as you have probably been led to believe. Nor is it to monitor and then evaluate their performance. It’s not even about hiring and firing, or figuring out who to “promote”.

Instead, you are at your most effective when you listen to, and support your employees.

Your job function is to obey your employees. Stop insisting they obey you. Let them make any decision they feel capable of making, and then act on what they say to the extent you can. If you do this, your employees will repay you by being the most motivated, engaged, enthusiastic, and productive workers they can be possibly be.

And that will give your organization the best possible chance of achieving the financial success you all hope for.


Why management by loerarchy® works

Management by loerarchy works, but you needn’t take anyone’s word for it. The rationale behind it is not at all hard to follow.

First, recognize that…

(1) People are your most important asset

More than any other single factor, great people are understood to be the key to sustained organizational success. It’s not clever marketing, nor great products. It’s not even low, low prices. Instead, employees who are hardworking, motivated and committed to giving their best each and every day that is the critical difference.

(2) Engaged employees work harder, and therefore outperform those who aren’t

Employees who are enthusiastic about the jobs they do are more productive than their less motivated counterparts. More so than experience, skill, intelligence—even talent—job engagement is the decisive factor. This is what distinguishes okay, or mediocre employees from your best workers.

(3) To engage employees, give them what they want.


According to the best available research, generating the hoped for levels of enthusiasm in workers boils down to one thing, and one thing only: Giving them what they want.

Give your employees the things they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability. If they ask for something, it’s probably because without it, they fell they can’t do their work as well as they believe the could. So believe them – and follow up with your support. When you give employees what they want, they, you, and your organization all win.


What management by loerarchy® is NOT

Management by loerarchy does not mean doing everything your employees tell you to do.

Nor does it mean letting your employees run your business.

This is because when your employees tell you what they want, they’re not really telling you their own wants and desires. What they’re actually communicating to you is what your customers want. Or they’re telling you something important about the market – information you may well need if your business is to survive. Your employees are ideally positioned to anticipate the needs of your customers, and your business, therefore putting it in the best possible position to achieve sustained commercial success. You ignore their requests at your peril.

Management by loerarchy recognizes all this; it is unique in that regard. It is the only management strategy consistent with underlying principles of capitalism and market economics. It is the only management paradigm which appreciates that the only “boss” that really matters is the customer.

In that, management by loerarchy offers any business that chooses to adopt it a very real competitive advantage relative to their rivals who don’t.


Interested in learning more about management by loerarchy® and how to implement it at your own organization?

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